Celebrating your local newspaper

Local newspaper week vox pop. Rob Grimes G130510-3e
Local newspaper week vox pop. Rob Grimes G130510-3e

Local newspapers are at the centre of communities and can generate real positive change - that’s the message being celebrated during Local Newspaper Week, which runs from 13-19th May.

The nationwide campaign aims to highlight the importance and benefits of a localised press.

From championing major campaigns such as the fight to save Worksop Ambulance Station to honouring unsung heroes in our community through our Guardian Rose awards, YOUR Guardian is an important part of the community.

Bassetlaw Council’s interim chief executive, Neil Taylor, said: “Local newspapers, like local authorities, are facing challenging times.”

“Both are in a position where we are having to do much more with much less, and are constantly adapting and evolving to meet the different challenges we face. “

“It is a credit to the team at the Worksop Guardian that with ever declining resources they continue to deliver a quality weekly paper.”

Residents and businesses alike recognise the benefits of a newspaper which focuses on local issues.

Rob Grimes, owner of The Little Sweet Shop on Bridge Street, said: “Local people want local news, they want to know how things relate to their lives.

“Local papers can be proactive rather than political, and work with councils to change things.”

“For small businesses it’s a good way to advertise to people you know are interested - you’re bound to reach a good number of them.”