Captain’s Column - Turbine worries are just hot air

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I JUST don’t understand what all the fuss is about over a few wind turbines at Hemswell.

Last week the Standard revealed that ten turbines could be coming to the Gainsborough skyline.

Bring them on I say. They help reduce the pigeon population if nothing else.

Not to mention they’re progressive. We can’t rely on the folks at West Burton Power Station forever you know.

Wind power is the future. So what if these looming wheels make a bit of noise and reduce house prices a little?

Why would you want to move from this little pocket of Lincolnshire anyway? Gainsborough has everything you need, especially now McDonald’s is here.

What these Government bigwigs have failed to think about it all the water power they could also be utilising from our fair town.

The thrashing current of the Trent should be harnessed and channelled into our power supply.

There’s billions to be made. And what about the extra power surge we would get every time a two foot aegir rolled its way down our beautiful river?

There would be at least enough energy to power a light bulb for all of 15 seconds.

I just hope last week’s front page doesn’t spark a flurry of complaints from all the big home owners who want spend their time gazing pointlessly out their patio windows at fields.

It’s these planet ruiners who belt round town in their 4x4s thinking they have a right to rule to roads.

And where are all the planet loving green party hippies when you need them, eh? Threaten to lop down a few trees and they are there straight away, all keen to hug a tree.

But when it comes to campaigning for green energy and making pro-wind turbine placards they are remarkable quiet on the subject, funny that.