Captain’s Column: Pensioners left out in the cold

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I’M sure the old fuss pots will still find a reason to complain about my page this week, but this time I’m actually sticking up for pensioners.

Many of ‘us’ have been waiting years to take advantage of the free bus travel afforded to us when we reach our official pensioner status.

Imagine paying your taxes (I realise this will be hard for some of you) for 60 years expecting to receive your golden ticket to ride, only to find out ‘actually we’re cutting the services mate’.

It’s an outrage.

Luckily for me I still have my boat that allows me to get around.

But for some this bus is their ticket to socialising, shopping and leaving the house.

If you don’t know what I am talking about then where were you last week, eh?

The Standard revealed that as a result of fuel tax hikes Stagecoach has had to make a number of changes to its services.

Yokels in Morton will no longer be looked after my the 1 and 1a service as well as changes to the InterConnect 100 and the 101.

Luckily I shall not be one of the worst affected but for those out in the sticks, the poor few, will feel quite cut off.

My old dad used to go everywhere by bus after they robbed his licence off him in a police incident.

If they’d taken his bus pass of him he’d have been forced to sell up and move to Gainsborough town centre. Many would rather starve in Morton, or die of loneliness, than sell up and move into a new build in the centre of town.

Our Government has left this country in total shambles. First they close all the post offices, then they cancel the bus routes.

Is there anything else they can take away from pensioners now?

We’ll be running a story about a Government official going door-to-door to have the shirts off their backs next.