Captain’s Column: Kentucky Fried Court?


GREAT news for Gainsborough’s elite fried chicken lovers, a KFC could be on the cards for our fair town.

Last week the Standard broke the news that the chicken tycoons could end up moving onto land currently occupied by the town’s dilapidated courthouse.

Even residents who are not fans of the finger-lickin’ chicken have to admit new jobs for the town, and a renovated courthouse, can only be a good thing.

Of course the news also means health conscious parents will be divided over whether or not to buy their kids fried chicken for tea, or to opt for a visit to the town’s new McDonald’s for Big Macs all round.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this story is that more fast food conglomerates haven’t cottoned-on to the fact there is an untapped seam of saturated fat lovers running through the very arteries of Gainsborough. In fact if we’re lucky enough to draw in the likes of KFC who knows what other big name chains we might also be able to draw in?

No longer will residents be forced to get in their cars to visit Retford and Scunthorpe to sample fine American cuisine. Instead they will be able to save their overpriced fuel and shop local.

Although I am sure most of the lazy lot will still opt to drive.

But as long as everyone cleans up after themselves then I fully back the news.

And before you ask ‘no I am not concerned about the arrival of Colonel Sanders in town’ and I have certainly not, nor will I ever be, outranked.

Running the show at the good ship Standard is a damn sight more complicated than oiling up a few buckets of chicken every week. Although admittedly it can be as messy.

Sadly last week’s front page also broke the news we would not be benefiting from the low cost clothing store Primark.

It’d be a popular choice with locals but doesn’t look set to be happening any time soon.

It’s not a surprise that Brown’s have opted for a unit at Gainsborough’s glossy Marshall’s Yard development. If only we could lure such posh shops into some of the empty town centre shops too. Still, it’s a step in the right direction.