Captain’s Column - Gainsborough is a boom town

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LAST week’s Standard revealed that the town’s State Club on Church Street could soon be re-opening thanks to entrepreneurial owner Peter Swann.

Now many of you might think that as an older gentlemen I might be against the opening of a late night hotspot for the town’s younger party goers.

But you couldn’t be more wrong.

Gainsborough lost it’s prime nightclub two years ago and I remember before that the place was a cinema.

Mr Swann plans to bring the Sands experience back to life. A classy evening venue for the more seasoned residents who want more from a night out than a few shots and some loud music.

As well as providing some much needed entertainment for residents there are also the financial benefits, and jobs, that such investment inevitably brings to the town.

Mr Swann said the club could be open as early as next May, and believe me it will come round quick.

Good news has also reached Standard Towers this week about the impending arrival of much loved American food giants McDonalds.

Both businesses will mean jobs for local people and more local money being spent locally.

We’ll be doing our utmost to work with both owners to promote all the great stuff there is on offer.

Whenever the council decides to build more housing one of the main concerns from residents is what about the amenities to go with it.

Now at least if Gainsborough does double in size locals won’t have to drive to Scunthorpe for a Big Mac anymore.

Our roads are congested enough as it is.

I wish both these businesses the best of luck with it. Now if we can just get our empty town centre shops all filled we will be sorted. No need to visit Retford folks, Gainsborough will have it all.