Captain’s Column - Don’t know art, don’t want to

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WHAT on earth was the artist thinking when this monstrosity was painted in a park where children play?

The ‘art’ was painted last week on the side of the changing rooms at the Levellings off Love Lane, the commissioned graffiti was the brainchild of one of our local councillors.

The Levellings, Gainsborough G120424-2a

The Levellings, Gainsborough G120424-2a

In my day murals were of rainbows and butterflies not avant-garde nonsense designed to stir up trouble and upset local residents.

If my boat overlooked such a mess I’d hoist the anchor and sail off to pastures new.

That said Councillor David Dobbie actually did something rather marvellous here.

He wanted to raise the awareness of Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony and his use of child soldiers and war.

Well everyone in that part of town knows who Kony is now.

As well as making front page news in the best local paper in town, the story was also billed everywhere from Willingham to Scotter.

Not to mention making the Captain’s page lead this week and going on our website ( if you missed it).

Hats off to you Coun Dobbie but now let’s get the whole thing back to plain white and try and paint something to cheer up the neighbourhood.

Perhaps your next mural could be something about supporting your local newspapers?

After all we are holding politicians to account, supporting local clubs and groups, helping police with their vital appeals (see my article on missing birds below).