Captain’s Column: CCTV needs to move forward

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IF I can get SkyHD telly on my boat, so I can now see all the wrinkles in Meg Ryan’s craggy face, then why haven’t council and police CCTV security systems had an upgrade?

Every time some hoody wearing youth smashes up a shop front window in town the Standard newsdesk has a CCTV image sent over.

This image is then printed postage size because the resolution is so poor. Usually with a headline on top, ‘Have you seen this man?’.

And the answer of course, is ‘no’.

If we can’t even see him on the page what are chances of some kind citizen coming forward to ID the lout? Zero.

I could take a better picture on my old work phone. In fact pay me to sit up on the lookout and I could probably draw a picture that is more likely to catch the attention of a reader.

I wonder if all the CCTV cameras are being run on that old cinefilm. Most don’t appear to have any sound either.

I’m convinced upgrades would not only help to reduce crime but would also help catch these petty criminals and make them think twice about committing crimes in the future.