Captain’s Column - Call time on term time holidays...

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EVERYTHING was still in black and white when I was at school, but to the best of my knowledge the new school term still starts at the beginning of September.

This is the point where after a full six weeks off all youngsters dust off their textbooks, wax their satchels and start another year of learning.

Well, I’ve just returned from a short break, and I witnessed countless numbers of kids who still seemed to be in holiday mode.

I couldn’t believe how many parents I saw, with kids of school age in tow, living it up without a care in the world.

Why weren’t these kids in school where they should be?

There are more than ample school breaks throughout the year for families to go away on holiday.

So what gives these parents the right to take their offspring out of school in term time just because they fancy a cheaper break in Cornwall, the Lakes, Tenerife, or whatever?

If they can’t afford to go away during the school holidays, then tough. Don’t go.

It’s decent folk like me who are paying for your children’s education - so the least you can do is make sure they are in school when they should be.

It also sets a bad example to youngsters. It makes it look like school isn’t that important, it is something they can just take or leave.

It’s no wonder we seem to be producing a generation of layabouts who expect everything to be handed to them on a plate rather than having to work hard for things.

Another thing, why do schools allow parents to take their kids out of school during term time for a jolly?

How is it any difference from truancy?

If schools showed a zero-tolerance to this kind of thing, it would soon be nipped in the bud.

That way people like me would be able to enjoy their holidays in peace.