Captain’s Column - A right Royal snub for me

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IT IS with great disappointment that I report I was in fact Royally snubbed by the Queen this weekend.

I have deliberately not commented on the 1,000 strong fleet that took to the Thames this Bank Holiday to commemorate 60 years of loyal service by the Queen.

For weeks I have been expecting a carrier pigeon to arrive with a gilded note from Elizabeth formally inviting me to join in the celebrations.

And low, nothing came.

Meanwhile staff in my own office also carried on the party without me.

Arranging a special 1950s day in my absence.

By the time I heard there was tea and a variety of cakes downstairs the lot had been hoovered up. With not a crumb being left by the women of the office.

It was the final kick in the teeth for me.

Despite my disappointment I still opted to decorate my ship this weekend.

I went for the traditional Union Jack bunting. I even lowered the Jolly Roger and hoisted our flag for the occasion.

In fact like most businesses and individuals I prepared for the occasion on Thursday.

This way everyone could enjoy my display for the maximum amount of time.

Sadly West Lindsey District Council didn’t have the foresight to do the same.

In fact walking into work last Friday I could be forgiven for not knowing we were about to celebrate the Jubilee.

Our market place was as barren and boring as any other weekday.

Thankfully the villages in and around town didn’t let the side down, and there was plenty of fun to be had over at Richmond Park by the looks of it.

Our Jubilee spread on page 3, 4 and 5 says it all.

Even the schools joined in with youngsters having a right Royal good time of it.