Candidates unite against ‘obscure fantasist’ who declares himself ‘non-elected MP of Bassetlaw’

Joshua Bonehill
Joshua Bonehill

Election candidates are united in their opposition to an ‘obscure fantasist’ who describes himself as a ‘rising star of the right-wing community’ and has declared himself the ‘non-elected MP of Bassetlaw’.

Joshua Bonehill claims on his website that he contemplated standing for the seat against Labour MP John Mann and has since ‘positioned’ himself as the ‘non-elected MP’.

Mr Mann reacted by telling the Guardian: “This character is an obscure fantasist.”

Mr Bonehill said that the people of Bassetlaw had been ‘let down’ by the Labour Party.

“The constituency of Bassetlaw is home to approximately 150,000 British people who have been let down by the present Labour Party ruling,” Mr Bonehill wrote on his website.

“Indeed, unemployment is still relatively high and there is the vast and unaddressed issue of immigration. It upsets me to learn of the working class people in the constituency of Bassetlaw who have been forced into a state of poverty because the current Parliamentary representation has let them down. I therefore position myself as non-elected MP of Bassetlaw, I am not a member of Parliament but I am a member of the people.”

Mr Bonehill told the Guardian he believed the people of Bassetlaw have the right to be ‘represented fairly’.”

He said: “I want to see the Bassetlaw constituency governed by the people, for the people. I both trust and respect the wisdom of local people living within Bassetlaw.”

“I believe It’s time to look in another direction for governance and serving as an MP is about the honour of serving your constituents.”

Green Party candidate Kris Wragg said: “I understand Joshua’s plight, but we seem to differ greatly on how best to solve the problem. I too want to help the people he is fighting for, we are going to build new social homes creating jobs, greatly increase the minimum wage and improveour welfare and public services.”