Campaign for more investment in mental health services backed by Bassetlaw Councillors

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Councillors from all parties at Bassetlaw Council have come together to encourage the government to invest further in mental health services.

As well as signing up to the The National Equality for Mental Health Campaign, councillors have also written to the Prime Minister to urge him to treat mental health in the same regard as physical health, with timely access to treatment for sufferers.

The campaign comes as government ministers are due to announce the results of the Spending Review, which will decide where public money is spent including on health services.

Councillor Sue Shaw, cabinet member for Health & Community Well Being, said: “By having sustained investment into mental health services we can both reduce the burden on the NHS through improved wellbeing of our citizens and by helping people to stay in or get back into work.

“I am especially passionate about services for children and young people, particularly transition services from children’s to adult mental health.

“By investing in mental service services now, we will see the positive effects well into the future, for both current suffers and the next generation needing these services.”

Councillors are asking government to acknowledge the huge cost mental health has not just on individuals and their families, but to those in our armed forces and vulnerable children in care.

It currently costs the public an estimated £100bn a year on visits to A&E, unemployment benefits, police time and even prison places related to mental health issues.

By investing in mental health services now, councillors believe significant savings can be made by reducing the burden on the NHS and getting people back into work.

Independent Councillor Hazel Brand said: “Mental Health problems affect one in four us, so I am pleased to support this letter to the Prime Minister. I hope to see mental health given its fair share of resources.”

Councillor Tracy Taylor, deputy leader of the Conservative Group said: “For me this is about being able to access the right services at the right time.

“The costs of delayed care are far higher in both human and financial terms, so I support any moves to improve mental health services, including by proper funding.”