‘We’ll pay no more towards footbridge’

Plans for a footbridge acroos the RIver Trent in Gainsborough.
Plans for a footbridge acroos the RIver Trent in Gainsborough.

WEST Lindsey District Council has clarified how they will be putting no more money into a proposed £6 million footbridge.

The council has also revealed that they granted the Gainsborough Stakeholder Network, which represented the community, with £12,000 from Growth Point Funding, which was provided to the council by central Government, to go towards a feasibility study.

A feasibility study is the first stage of any project development to work out the possibility of building, costs involved and where the money would come from.

However due to the nature of the feasibility study it has taken more than 18 months to complete.

Chairman of planning at West Lindsey District Council, Coun Chris Underwood-Frost said: “I just want to point out the £12,000 used for the feasibility study was growth point money not District Council money.”

“West Lindsey District Council has never said it would fund any part of the footbridge beyond the feasibility study.”

Coun Underwood-Frost continued: “In the meantime there are very few public organisations that can fund a £6 million project at this time.

He added: “However, if somebody from the business sector wishes to progress further with this information, the council would not treat this different to any other development.”