Waste collection changes to save over £150k each year

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Local news

Changes to the waste collection days in the West Lindsey area that are said to save more than £150,000 will start in November.

New calendars with the changes will be delivered to all homes in the district over the next few weeks.

The council is asking residents to read their new calendars carefully as they may need to put out their bins in a different way in future.

However, not everyone will have a change in collection day and some residents may have a change in the bins they present each week and others will see no changes.

Starting from 7th November, garden waste collections will stop for the winter period. It also marks the start of the new collection round changes.

WLDC waste services manager Glyn Pilkington has pledged to make sure nobody goes too long without a refuse or recycling collection during the changeover period.

“We are putting on extra collections of black and blue bins during the week commencing 7th November,” he said.

“We are asking residents to put out both their refuse and recycling bins by 7am on their current collection day and both will be emptied in separate lorries.”

He added: “Collection day changes will take place from 14th November and residents should then refer to their new calendars - which will come into effect.”

The change in collection day comes after a restructure by West Lindsey District Council.

Together with the green garden waste collection changes, the council say this will save the community over £150,000 each year.

Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee, Coun Malcolm Parish said: “Councils have no choice but to be smarter with how they spend money.

“By restructuring our rounds we can make this considerable saving without reducing the quality of service to local people.

Anyone who is unsure of their round information once they have received their new calendars is encouraged to contact West Lindsey District Council on 01427 676676 or visit www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/mybinday

Further information on the changes can be found by visiting www.west-lindsey.gov.uk.