Thirty new jobs heading to Retford

Hussein Lalani, boss of the 99p Stores Group
Hussein Lalani, boss of the 99p Stores Group

A NEW bargain superstore in Retford is set to bring 30 jobs to the town.

The state-of-the-art £350,000 Family Bargains superstore will open on Moorgate on Friday 23rd November.

The 15,058ft store, part of the 99p Stores Group chain, will see the creation of 30 brand new jobs, with more stores and job opportunities set to come to the region over the next 12 months.

The rapidly-expanding 99p Stores Group is opening up several new shops each week as part of a massive expansion following the announcement recently it is creating 3,000 new jobs.

It is thanks to the public’s ‘insatiable appetite for value’, according to the boss of the group Hussein Lalani.

Mr Lalani says his company is ‘delighted’ to be coming to Retford. Around 30 brand new jobs will be created, with bosses now working very closely with Jobcentre Plus to fill these positions.

“We are delighted to be creating new employment opportunities for Retford,” said Mr Lalani.

He added: “Our customers are telling us they are fed up of having been ‘ripped off’ for years and years paying three times the price for essentials – and way way over the top for things like furniture and beds.”

“Very many tell us it has now become ‘cool’ to shop at our stores. Telling work colleagues, family and friends what you pay when you are shopping has become fashionable. The boast used to be how much you paid. Now it’s how little.”

“Those supermarkets that have been charging two and three pounds a throw for everyday essentials like washing-up liquid, toothpaste, tea and coffee and have now lost credibility.”

To celebrate the opening of the store a local ‘Christmas mad family’ will be given £200 worth of shopping at the store and get to officially open it.

To enter write an email about why your family love Christmas and send it to The closing date is midnight on 20th November.