‘There is no need to stock up on fuel’

Cars queuing at Tesco petrol station in Gainsborough G120329-1a
Cars queuing at Tesco petrol station in Gainsborough G120329-1a

GAINSBOROUGH motorists are being advised not to join long petrol station queues unless as there is ‘no shortage of fuel’

This morning (Friday 30th March) The Standard contacted local petrol stations to find that they are well-stocked, but have been extremely busy with panic-buyers.

Meanwhile, Lincolnshire Police have urged drivers to ‘use their common sense’ and not to panic buy as there is ‘no need to stock up on fuel’.

An employee at the Tesco filling station on Beaumont Street said: “We’ve had a delivery overnight so we are in a healthy state for the foreseeable future.”

“Apart from that, it’s been chaos - but we’ll just carry on as normal.”

A spokesman from Morrisons petrol station on Heapham Road added: “We are fine as we had a tanker delivery this morning, but we have been much busier than usual.”

Lincolnshire Police spokesman Dick Holmes said: “Research of our police computer incident logs reveals that prior to 4pm on Thursday 29th March, we had been made aware of six service stations, situated in widely different areas of the county, where problems had been highlighted by members of the public. In all cases the problems related to queues of vehicles, with drivers waiting to buy fuel, backing up out onto the public highway and causing local congestion.”

“The review of our incident logs has not revealed any examples of road rage or other public disorder nor had there been any resulting collisions or damage.”

He continued: “It seems that drivers are acting calmly and within the law.”

“Police advice is that drivers listen to the information reported frequently via national and local media. There is no current shortage of fuel other than that caused at some fuel outlets by trends of panic purchasing. The possible industrial action which may be taken by fuel supplier tanker drivers has not yet been confirmed. Therefore there is no need to stock up on fuel.”

He added: “We ask that people use their common sense and do not join fuel station queues that are encroaching onto the highway as they may become a potential hazard. The last thing we want is for anyone to be injured unnecessarily. Unless you are extremely low on fuel please continue your journey and refuel at a different location or at a time when the queues have receded.”