Tarmac to shut Retford office

Tarmac is to close its Retford Office with the loss of 140 jobs
Tarmac is to close its Retford Office with the loss of 140 jobs

Around 140 jobs are under threat after one of Retford’s biggest employers announced it is to close its office in the town.

Tarmac is due to close its premises at Bellmoor Quarry on Great North Road later this year.

The site is the company’s East Midlands and central region headquarters but a recent merger with Lafarge has resulted in a restructuring at the company.

The work at the Retford site will be transferred to sites elsewhere in the country.

This week the company stressed that compulsory redundancies will not take place, with staff being offered the chance to move to another location.

Employees who do not wish to relocate will be offered help to find alternative employment.

The Bassetlaw Council chairman Coun Ian Campbell was ‘extremely concerned’ that another large employer was to leave the town.

A spokesman for Lafarge Tarmac said: “All employees at our Retford office have been informed that the site will be closing later this year.”

“All employees will be offered the opportunity to transfer to an alternative office location, or apply for a job in another part of the business.”

“We are working closely with employees on an individual basis during this process. We are committed to helping those not accepting a relocation to find another job.”

The merger between Tarmac and Lafarge this month has created the UK’s leading construction materials and services company, Lafarge Tarmac.

Coun Campbell said: “I am extremely concerned that another large employer in Retford is now set to close.”

“We have lost a great deal of business and jobs in the town over the last few years and seen houses built on the land rather than more businesses. We are fast becoming a commuter town, you just have to look at the trains in the morning, they are packed. But with ticket and fuel prices increasing all the time how plausible is it for people to find work and continue to work outside of the town?”

“Tarmac has said that employees will be offered positions at other sites, I can’t imagine many of them taking the offer of redeployment and I’m sure the company know this.”

“This means that more residents are going to be looking for work, struggling to pay bills, getting into debt, accessing food banks and potentially turning to loan sharks.”

Bassetlaw MP John Mann said the closure is a ‘big blow’ for Bassetlaw.