Stay positive on jobs hunt

Patricia Hayward and Karen Charlesworth of Uno Executive Recruitment in Worksop w120131-1a
Patricia Hayward and Karen Charlesworth of Uno Executive Recruitment in Worksop w120131-1a

WALK tall and think positively.

That’s the message from Worksop recruitment consultant Patricia Hayward who says the way to deal with a tough economic climate is to stay focused.

And she says there are jobs out there if you know where to look.

“If you wake up in the morning and think you’re going to have a bad day, then you will.”

“You have to remain positive and focused and not let yourself be brought down by it,” she said.

“I read a motivational quote every day and I also read inspirational books.”

Patricia, 50, who lives in Retford, started Uno Executive Recruitment Ltd at The Turbine, Shireoaks, two years ago after taking voluntary redundancy from a recruitment agency in Sheffield.

Despite the tough economy she decided not to be put off and is now busy enough to have just taken on her personal assistant Karen Charlesworth.

Patricia, who has a grown-up daughter, said the biggest difficulty for small businesses was cash flow.

“I know the money will be coming in, but sometimes you just need a loan to tide you over but the banks aren’t lending any more.”

“I think it would be a great idea if small businesses were able to get loans the same as students do, which could then be paid back when you are earning a certain amount.”

She is not unrealistic about the austere times we are facing, but won’t allow herself to get depressed by it.

“It is hard, and my second year was harder than my first, but I think there’s a danger of us talking ourselves back into recession.”

“All we ever hear about is the doom and gloom but I’m a positive person and I don’t let it get me down.”

“Nobody can help you except yourself, so you have got to keep trying and there are jobs out there if you know where to look.”

Patricia says that attitude is important when job hunting.

“When you walk into a job interview you need to have your shoulders back, look confident and have a firm handshake. Don’t go in with your head down looking like you don’t think you will get the job.”

Patricia has worked in recruitment for seven years and has clients all over the country.

She said she was seeing a lot more jobs in building, engineering, sales and training coming through, although there was still a north-south divide.

“I think sometimes we’re not as brave in this area and we’re more wary, we want to wait and see what is happening elsewhere before we will commit ourselves.”

“But things are looking up in Worksop and the new cinema will make a big difference.”

“When I go to the cinema in Sheffield I always see people I know from Worksop so the demand is there and hopefully it will bring more money into the town with people eating out and having a drink as well.”

Patricia makes sure she checks the CVs of all candidates she gets for a job and also interviews them personally.

“I’m a people person and I always think you can tell more from meeting someone face to face than you can from talking to them on the phone.”

Patricia can be contacted on 07530 102892.