Gainsborough business leaders’ group agree constitution

Gainsborough business leaders have signed a new agreement to mark their commitment to actively promote investment in the area.

Members of the Gainsborough Place Board met this week at Gainsborough College, starting the new year by signing a new constitution for the organisation.

The move comes just months after the Invest Gainsborough initiative was launched, led by West Lindsey District Council with support from the private sector.

Chairman of the board Steve Gelder said: “I am very pleased to be supporting the work of Invest Gainsborough and it’s a great milestone to be signing our constitution confirming our joint vision for the area.”

The agreement is aimed at promoting residential, commercial and mixed-used land earmarked for development.

The constitution sets out a number of objectives that the members—who include a number of excecutives, education leaders, and council figures—will work towards.

Those include commitments to collective work by the business community, local authority and public to improve the economy of Gainsborough, and promote the town in a positive manner.

The board’s intention is to encourage more new businesses in the area, to boost tourism and the visitor economy, and to facilitate delivery of housing projects.

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