Fuel in Gainsboro’ 3p more per litre

Tesco petrol station G110315-5a
Tesco petrol station G110315-5a
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FRUSTRATED Gainsborough motorists have been becoming increasingly concerned about the price difference in petrol when compared with other towns.

Last month the AA reported that average pump prices for both petrol and diesel have continued to rise to new record highs with unleaded rising by 0.5 pence per litre to £1.28.8 and diesel prices rising by 1.2 pence per litre to £1.34 - and this only looks set to worsen when the Government adds 1p in fuel tax next month.

But many drivers have written to The Gainsborough Standard annoyed at the significant price difference in fuel in towns such as Lincoln and Scunthorpe.

On Monday 14th March, The Standard recorded that Morrisons in Gainsborough was charging £1.31.9 per litre for unleaded and £1.36.9 for diesel, while their petrol station at their Lincoln branch was charging £1.28.9 for unleaded and £1.34.9 for a litre of diesel. Similarly, Tesco in Gainsborough were selling unleaded and diesel at the same price as the town’s Morrisons, but the Tesco at Gallagher Retail Park in Scunthorpe was charging only £1.27.9 for a litre of unleaded and £1.33.9 for diesel.

That’s an average difference of 3 pence difference in the price of fuel per litre between Gainsborough and neighbouring towns.

A Tesco spokesman said that this price difference was out of their control.

“We don’t operate with one national price, but we always do the best we can to keep our fuel prices as low as possible for our customers,” they said. “There are numerous factors involved that are beyond our control such as the cost of oil, problems in the Middle East and the exchange rate and we accept that fuel prices are higher than average at the moment.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman from Morrisons responded by saying: “Our pricing is based on a response to local market conditions and guarantees that we are always competitive in the local market.”

Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh said: “In Gainsborough, we are blessed with vast expanses of beautiful countryside, so we are hit worse by the rising price of fuel. “

“I am supporting the Fair Fuel UK Campaign, which is great news for commuters, parents running children to school, people going for a night out and the entire wellbeing of the nation.”

How is the rising cost of fuel effecting you, your working life or your family? What are your thoughts on fuel beingm more expensive locally? Get in touch with us and let us know.