Free insurance in bid to boost market trade

Would-be entreneurs are invited to take advantage of West Lindsey District Council’s offer of free insurance for new market holders in a bid to boost struggling trade.

As part of the Love Your Local Market fortnight, the council is offering complimentary insurance to new market traders in Gainsborough.

WLDC has teamed up with the Gainsborough Town Partnership to take part in the national scheme from 15th - 29th May in the hope of celebrating markets and attracting new stall holders.

They’ll also be offering offering new traders on a Saturday a stall for less than £10 where they can get six months half price rental at only £7.55 a stall to help them on their way.

Chairman of WLDC’s prosperous communities committee Coun Malcolm Parish said that markets play an important role in regenerating towns.

“We are thrilled to offer incentives to encourage and support new business opportunities,” he said.

“Market stalls are a great way to start up a new business or expand what you currently have on offer.”

He added: “Why not give it a go and see if it is right for you, with free insurance for two weeks and half price stalls on a Saturday? It’s never been more attractive.”

Gainsborough Town Manager, Samantha Dodd said: “The Town Partnership believes this to be an excellent opportunity for people thinking of setting up on their own to trial their business on the market for very low cost.”

Samantha continued: “The offer of complimentary insurance further reduces the barriers for prospective traders, providing them with even more reasons to give it a go.”

Sweet seller Rob Grimes has been working on Gainsborough market for two years.

He said: “I really enjoy the life, and meeting different people is all a part of it, especially the banter!”

“I would recommend life as a market trader, particularly if someone wants to work for themselves.”

Rob added: “It is hard work so you need to have something unique to make a go of it. I am always telling people to come to Gainsborough market, to try it out.”

“It’s in the blood,” said Eric Wainwright - who have a stall selling pet food, fishing and shooting accessories and have been market traders for 30 years. “I had my first ever stall in Gainsborough, and I am still here.”

“We very much enjoy the markets, you make a lot of friends and acquaintances. I would definitely encourage new traders to start up, but it is not always easy, especially with the diverse weather we get in this country.

He added: “There are a lot of traders who have been coming to Gainsborough for years, and we have some great times.”

For info or to book a stall contact Rebecca Jackson on 07810 658397 or