Buildings evacuated and roads closed after gas main damaged

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Buildings have been evacuated and roads have been closed after a digger damaged a gas main in Lincoln.

The incident happened at around 2.05pm today when a digger working on the East West Link Road in Lincoln damaged a gas main in the vicinity of Kesteven Street near to Pelham bridge.

Cordons are being set up in the surrounding area and premises on Great Northern Street and Clifton Street are being evacuated.

The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership building has been evacuated along with the local Lincoln college premises. Seimens are evacuating. Portland Street and Scorer Streets have been closed.

Pelham Bridge and Great Northern Terrace are closed and diversions are being organised. Broadgate is likely to be closed shortly. Railtrack have been advised due the proximity of the incident to the railway lines.

The general public and motorists are advised to avoid the area for the time being.

There are no reports of injuries.

Police are warning people not to smoke or use electrical devices in the affected areas.