BREAKING NEWS: 3.8 magnitude earthquake rocks the East Midlands

This map shows where the earthquake was felt
This map shows where the earthquake was felt

An earthquake has rocked the East Midlands, with the tremor being felt across a wide area.

According to the British Geological Survey the 3.8 magnitude quake struck at 10.25pm on Wednesday (28th January), with the epicentre close to Oakham in Rutland.

The tremor was felt as far away as Mansfield and Hucknall.

The five largest earthquakes to hit the UK since the start of the 20th Century

Social media was flooded with people reporting they had felt the quake.

David Pipes tweeted that he had felt the tremor in Blidworth.

Earthquakes of this kind are not rare in the East Midlands.

On 29th October last year a 2.6 tremor occurred between Mansfield and Hucknall.

Earthquake shakes Mansfield and Hucknall

North Notts is also the UK’s earthquake capital.

North Notts is the earthquake capital of the UK

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