Brand new look will help attract more visitors

Gainsborough town manager Samantha Dodd with Paul Johnson and Debbie Revill
Gainsborough town manager Samantha Dodd with Paul Johnson and Debbie Revill

A Gainsborough based creative agency has helped the Gainsborough Town Partnership develop a new branded look.

MMC Agency, based at Mercury House, worked with Gainsborough town manager Samantha Dodd to create a more attractive brand and logo for the project.

The new branding effectively communicates the partnership’s goals and achievements to retailers, residents and visitors.

Paul Johnson from MMC Agency said: “From the beginning I saw an opportunity to create an eye-catching new brand for the Gainsborough Town Partnership.”

“Working with Samantha and partners we have developed a series of fresh logos that can be used in future marketing campaigns to promote Gainsborough as a place to live, work, invest and visit.” 

“To ensure that we got it right, we researched Gainsborough’s rich history and heritage, as well as its offering to visitors and businesses.”

“Everything that we designed points back to increasing footfall in Gainsborough and boosting the local economy,” he added.

Samantha Dodd said she was ‘delighted’ to work with a local company to help promote what the town has to offer.

“I’d like to thank Paul and his team for all their help and support,” she said.

“I’m delighted to be working alongside a local company which truly understands Gainsborough.”

“Gainsborough has a fantastic and unique offer. Gainsborough Town Partnership will be launching targeted marketing campaigns next year which will attract new visitors to discover the town for themselves, which will benefit businesses and residents alike.”

The logo’s form part of wider branding to highlight Gainsborough’s unique offering with the opportunity to develop new campaigns as brand awareness grows.

The Gainsborough Town partnership is now looking into ideas such as new tourist trails and is working closely with existing businesses and attractions to build upon the strengths that the town already has.

And plans are already underway to build on the successes of 2013, by making the arts and craft and food fairs annual events.

To find out more about the partnership and what’s going on in Gainsborough, visit the brand new website at