Bolsover: New rules for scrap metal dealers

Guardian News
Guardian News

Residents in Bolsover and North East Derbyshire are being made aware of new licensing rules for scrap metal dealers which have come into force.

Under the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, which is now in force, anybody collecting scrap metal or salvaging motor parts in the two districts must have a licence issued by their local authority.

The new laws are designed to help tackle increasing rates of metal theft across the country, and replace the old registration scheme with a new licensing system.

Local councils will enforce the laws in each district, alongside the police, and the authorities will have powers to inspect dealers’ records, close unlicensed sites and revoke the licences of dealers who breach the new legislation.

Bolsover council’s cabinet member for the environment, Coun Dennis Kelly, said: “The new rules will mean that those collecting scrap metal or salvaging old vehicles in the two districts are properly licensed and regulated by their local authority, meaning we can make sure only suitable and reputable services operate locally.”

Dealers registered under the old rules have been automatically be granted a ‘deemed licence’ under the new Act. However, if they wish to continue as a dealer, they then need to apply for a new licence before 15th October.