Bolsover: Ballet on horseback to baroque music at the castle

Bolsover Castle
Bolsover Castle

An air of anticipation is descending on Bolsover Castle in as they prepare to welcome a special group of European horses and riders.

Les Ecuyers de Historie is France’s leading historical equestrian interpretation group and English Heritage is delighted to introduce them to the iconic Riding House for their own unique displays of ‘Cavalier Horsemanship’.

The work of William Cavendish and his contribution to the development of dressage is well known in France - developing as he did many of the techniques of the great Antoine De Pluvinel, riding master to the French King Louis XIII.

The team, based in northern France, will be bringing their own magnificent horses with them to England to demonstrate ‘Haute Ecole’ (high school) movements.

They also promise to add some Gallic flair to the performance.

Displays start on the weekend of 12th and 13th July and continued throughout the summer weekends with three daily displays, giving visitors the chance to witness expert horsemen in flamboyant 17th Century costume, complete with feathers in their hats, put horses through their paces to baroque music

Entrance to the displays are for a small charge of £2 for adults and £1 for members and children.