Blunderbus present Dotty The Dragon at Trinity Arts Centre

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Dotty the baby fire dragon lives at the top of a mountain with her grumpy dad.

In the village below, everyone fears for their lives, because dragon’s eat children - or so they believe.

But little Dotty would never eat children - not ever. Instead, she loves to gaze down and watch the children playing in the orchard.

Then one day, Dotty decides to pay the children a surprise visit. After all, everyone loves surprises, don’t they?

Blunderbus is proud to present this enchanting fairytale adventure with a very happy ending.

This clever new show comes to life with an irresistible

blend of live music, fabulous puppets and high energy storytelling.

Dotty The Dragon is at the Trinity Arts Centre on Tuesday 30th July at 2pm.

Tickets are priced at £6.50 each or £22 for a family of four.

For tickets call the TRinity Arts Centre Box Office on 01427 676655 or book online.