Blockbuster hit with shoppers

Independence day
Independence day

WHEN I heard the news that Gainsborough would be having its own Independence Day I rubbed my hands together with glee.

Alien invasions, inter galactic wars and charismatic individuals like that Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum coming to town.

Not only that but the chance to use a giant lazer to cull the ever swelling, swollen, population of our used-to-be peaceful Lincolnshire hamlet.

How wrong could I have been?

Not only was there to be no blockbuster fight but in fact it was just an excuse for the town’s retailer to, once again, dust off their blooming bunting.

Just last month, after I swallowed by pride and praised the town’s Riverside Festival, I wrote, and I quote:

“But please now that we’ve had the belated Christmas dos held up by ‘adverse weather conditions’, Easter, harvest festivals, Royal weddings, Maypole dancing and all that street closing chaos guff can we please just pack up the bunting and see the rest of 2011 out in peace?”

Then as I walk into work what do I see? Blue white and red junk all over the place.

It feels a little like a conspiracy sometimes. And if you’ll kindly turn to page ten and read the first paragraph of the story you will see why I am cross.

Yet more frivolous bunting.

It’s bad enough we have to celebrate as much as we do but now we’re taking holidays off America and trying to make them our own.

Why what next? Thanksgiving so butchers can peddle extra turkeys at us prior to Christmas.

And worse I read on a flier ‘Independents’ Day’ was stretched to last the whole week.

Well as you can imagine the muttering under my breath was getting quite loud by the time I burst into Standard Towers on Monday morning.

However I quickly came a cropper when one of our receptionists ‘set me right’ on a few details surrounding this (on first appearances) moronic excuse for bunting.

And actually a week long celebration of Gainsborough’s independent shops doesn’t sound like such a terrible idea I suppose.

Our town’s got a great mix of high street names but it’s the little experts in the family run companies that really complete the shopping experience.

And if you want great customer service independent traders are the way forward.

So, on reflection, a week of trying to get shoppers back where they belong, shopping in the town centre, doesn’t sound all bad.

My knitted counterpart even got in on the action and spent the week lounging around in the window of Whatever, just over the road from the office.

He’ll be out and about again next week though so make sure you spot him and report to our reception for a free pack of Fisherman’s Friend.

The Captain