Behind bars is too good for him

Terrorised Gainsborough folk should be dancing in the streets this week at the news prolific thief and drug addict Lee Ross is finally behind bars.

Not only has this waste of space junkie been nicking stuff all over town, he’s also been found guilty of robbing Blyton’s little Sub Post Office last year.

The worse thing about this story is that while this muppet was wandering about on police bail he managed to rack up 15 other burglaries and make off with £24,000 worth of stuff to boot.

Throwing the book at him isn’t good enough if you ask me.

Wearing a mask and arming yourself with pepper spray to threaten someone in a post office just to make off with the villagers’ pension money is beyond the pale.

And ‘I’m a smackhead I’ve been on the gear for 17 years’ is unfortunately not a good enough excuse for me.

Neither is being ‘out of your head’ at the time of the crime.

It is a disgrace that Ross has been allowed to have a list of crimes, which is as long as my good arm, ‘taken into account’ by the judge in sentencing.

Still at least he’s saved the police doing a whole heap of investigative work- they should also be pleased.

But after reading the full story (see page two) it looks like the good folk in Northorpe are the ones we have to thank for helping coppers clear the streets of such scum.

Not only did witnesses come forward to police with a description of Ross but one person in Cleatham even got the number plates all written down for the Old Bill.

It sounds like there’s a few unsung heroes in our outer villages who should be on the books working for the boys in blue.

How about this for a suggestion?

Why don’t Lincs Police sack a few of these bigwig pen pushers on over inflated salaries and get some of Northorpe’s finest out patrolling the beat?

I for one would feel a great deal safer!

Everyone in Gainsborough must know someone in town who has had something stolen by this guy.

The list ranges from residential streets, to pubs, even to bed shops!

Let us all just hope that by the time he’s let loose, which will no doubt be in much less than seven years, that he is off the drugs and can turn his life around.

Or even better he moves to Retford.

All too often in magistrates court it is the same faces back time and time again committing the same types of minor thefts.

Whether it is businesses, homes or cars they are breaking into, the motivation is usually the same – drugs.

It just wasn’t the same in my day.

The worst we did was a bit of underage drinking round the pub and we usually got caught and got a clout round the ear for it. What’s the world coming to?