Bassetlaw: Schools to be part of 20mph scheme

A 20mph speed limit sign
A 20mph speed limit sign

Seven primary schools in Bassetlaw are to set to have 20mph speed zones implemented along the main road outside their gates.

Worksop schools Redlands, Worksop Priory, Norbridge Academy, Kingston Park, Ryton Park and Holy Family, along with Clarborough in Misterton, will all be part of Notts County Council’s plans which are expected to be approved by the transport and highways committee next week.

The scheme is likely to see 20mph limits introduced during school hours during the week before returning to 30mph or relevant speed for the road in question at weekends and during school holidays.

If approved, the new speed-limit zones, using DfT-approved signs and flashing amber warning lights, will be introduced during this month and in November.

More than 2,000 20mph speed limit schemes have already been implemented across the country and the scheme has the backing of head teachers.

Phil Abbott, of Worksop Priory, said: “I think it is a good thing that these zones are in place and they are not that big, so people’s journeys won’t be increased that much.”

“Drivers always need to be mindful of children at all times and their safety is the most important thing, so I’m very happy to support this.”

A county council spokesman said: There is clear evidence of the effect of decreased traffic speeds on the reduction of collisions and casualties.

“Collision frequency is reduced at lower speeds and where collisions do occur, there is a lesser risk of fatal injury.”

“Most schools are in residential areas so the introduction of a 20mph speed limit will also have positive benefits for residents at all times of the day.”

“Given the high level of pedestrian activity and the high volumes of vulnerable road users at school start and finish times the, county council aims to introduce advisory 20mph speed limits outside schools wherever it is feasible to do so.”