Bassetlaw: Pregnant women urged to get flu and whopping cough vaccines

Guardian News
Guardian News
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Mum-to-be are being urged to have their flu and whooping cough vaccinations to ensure any risk to their child is kept to a minimum.

Pregnant women can get their flu jab during any stage of their pregnancy.

The whopping cough vaccination is available to women who are between 28-32 weeks pregnant.

In some cases, this can be extended to 38 weeks.

Kaye Bulliman, a midwife at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals said: “We want to raise awareness amongst pregnant women of the importance of being vaccinated against the flu and whooping cough so that their baby is protected against the condition when it is born.”

“Catching the flu during pregnancy can lead to mums picking up complications, such as pneumonia, so it should be high on parents to-do lists.”

“Both the vaccinations are available from your GP, so we are encouraging prospective parents to make an appointment for vaccination or to speak to their midwife if they have any questions.”

In 2012, the UK reported the largest increase in cases in whopping cough for over 20 years and 14 children died from the outbreak.