Bassetlaw: Obesity rates for 10-11-year-olds in Bassetlaw are highest in East Midlands.

Obese child.
Obese child.
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A new report has shown that obesity rates in children aged 10-11 years-old the highest in the East Midlands.

The report published by Public Health England shows that over 23 per cent or 232 of children in Year 6 are classified as obese, which is the highest in the East Midlands.

The figures are based on the population of Bassetlaw, which is about 113,000 people.

The district is closely followed by Lincoln, where it is recorded that 21.2 per cent of children in that area are severely overweight.

The report also shows child obesity is growing considerably faster than it is in adults.

Children who suffer from weight problems are 75 per cent more likely to go onto be obese in adulthood.

A spokesperson from Nottinghamshire Healthcare said: “ These figures are worrying and it is evidence that further work needed to be carried out to stop this problem.”

“The overall per cent of child obesity has improved over the years but it is still clearly an issue.”

“Nottinghamshire Healthcare is always working with schools and the council in the Bassetlaw area to implement healthy eating programmes in schools.”

“ The NHS has increased their budget to try and tackle the issue of obesity in both children and adults.”

In 2013, Bassetlaw was branded as the fat capital of Britain with more hospital admissions for obesity-related illnesses than anywhere else in the country.

Figures revealed that 100,000 people in the region were obese.

The Public Health Report, which was published in August 2014, also revealed that the deprivation levels for Bassetlaw are below the average in England, which an estimated 3,655 children living in poverty. For more information on the Public Health Report go to