Bassetlaw: Mann not expecting a local immigration issue

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

The immigration issue is not likely to be reaching Bassetlaw any time soon in the eyes of the region’s MP John Mann.

There has been plenty of talk and debate nationally at the start of the new year that Britain is set to be flooded with an new wave of Eastern European migrants from Romania and Bulgaria.

But Mr Mann said he felt this would not be the case in Bassetlaw.

“I am not aware of any Romanians or Bulgarians coming into Bassetlaw, nor of any numbers of them expected to come to the region at any stage,” he said.

“I am also not aware of any local companies advertising jobs in those countries and I don’t expect them to either.”

“In the past, companies have not given work to local people and instead gone for foreign labour because it is cheaper but many have now changed that.”

“The exceptions have always been the farmers, who bypassed local people and just hired cheap foreign labour instead.”

“But I campaigned successfully in Parliament to get this changed.”

“I have seen nothing to suggest there will be any increase in foreign immigrants to Bassetlaw and local companies want to employ local people and I urge them to go out there and get those jobs.”