Bassetlaw: Mann not convinced by proposed changes to A&E

Bassetlaw MP John Mann
Bassetlaw MP John Mann

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has criticised NHS boss Sir Bruce Keogh’s proposals for a two tier A&E service as a city solution that will not work across the country.

And he highlighted his Bassetlaw constituency as case in point where he believes Keogh’s plans will come unstuck.

The Keogh blueprint advocates that people with urgent but non life-threatening illnesses can be treated at, or close to their own homes, while the more serious cases are taken to hospital.

But Mr Mann said: “This centralising model is an old fashioned model that fails to consider modern technology and will leave a second class service for those outside of major cities.”

“Already the ambulance service in the East Midlands has been cut back, making the proposals to centralise even more dangerous in Bassetlaw.”

“Many people, especially poorer people, will not access a remote A&E other than by ambulance.”

“Keogh just presumes an informed middle-class response to emergencies.”