Bassetlaw: Mann calls for miners to get compensation they deserve

Bassetlaw MP John Mann says miners deserve full compensation
Bassetlaw MP John Mann says miners deserve full compensation

Following a landmark court ruling last month, Bassetlaw MP John Mann has called for former miners to come forward as many could be owed additional compensation.

In May, the Court of Appeal ruled that a law firm had wrongly advised a former miner on his claim for compensation for vibration white finger (VWF).

And now Mr Mann wants Bassetlaw miners who may have suffered VWF to come forward and claim compensation he believes they are entitled to.

“This is an important development for many former miners, and will affect people who may already have received some compensation,” he said.

“Former miners were wrongly advised by some law firms to abandon their vibration white finger claims for additional money.”

“The Court of Appeal has recently found that one miner should have been paid more than £8,000 in additional compensation, but his solicitors failed to help him claim what he was due.”

“Many former miners may now be eligible for further compensation but be aware of what has already happened in cases like this.”

“If you think that you may be affected please call my office on 01909 506200.”