Bassetlaw: John Mann MP says chancellor ‘refused to answer the big questions’

Pictured is MP John Mann
Pictured is MP John Mann

Bassetlaw MP and Treasury Select Committee Member John Mann today questioned the Chancellor George Osborne on his budget and its impact on the country.

John Mann used the opportunity to challenge the Chancellor on the increase in immigration, the cutting of Network Rail’s budget, his tax increases for insurance premiums and the sacking of the FCA’s Chief Executive.

John Mann said “Today I repeatedly asked the Chancellor where the extra one million new migrants that his budget predictions are based on are going to live and he simply couldn’t provide an answer.”

Mann continued “The Chancellor failed to answer the big questions today. He had no answer to how the rise in the Insurance Premium Tax will be paid for by consumers, why Network Rail has cancelled its shovel-ready projects and where his predicted extra one million immigrants will live.”