Bassetlaw: How the budget cuts affect this region

Budget Challenge
Budget Challenge

Notts County Council’s budget proposals is made up of 122 separate proposals, effecting all council departments.

The council is being forced to make savings of £154 million over the next three years - the equivalent of nearly £200 for every resident.

The proposals which will affect Bassetlaw residents in particular include:

- Raising Council tax by at least 1.99 per cent - increasing a weekly bill by an average of 38p.

- Raising the price of school meals by 10p a week.

- Pot holes being repaired under the ‘right first time’ scheme. It will increase response time but reduce repeat visits.

- A number of youth centres will operate from 37 weeks a year, rather than 42.

- Increasing the price of a Blue Badge from £2 to £10.

- Closing some satellite day service bases including Grove Street and Lawn View in Retford.

- Reducing some areas of the Rights of Way service.

The proposals amount to savings of £83 million, with £37 million being reinvested in areas of greatest need, including adult social care, to help meet the demand in services.

The amounts proposed to be saved and reinvested in particular areas are - children and young people - reduction £24 million, reinvestment £3.9 million; adult social care and health - reduction £33.3 million, reinvestment £29.7 million; transport and highways - reduction £9.5 million, reinvestment £3.6 million; environment and sustainability - reduction £2.2 million, reinvestment £2.3 million; community safety - reduction £1.2 million; culture - reduction - £2.3 million, economic development - reduction £300,000; policy - reduction £4.2 million; finance and property - reduction £4 million; personnel - reduction £1.7 million, reinvestment £300,000.