Bassetlaw: Extra chance to have your say on ‘all out elections’

Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings
Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings

Following the results of Bassetlaw District Council’s consultation on how often residents should vote for their Councillors, the Council is asking residents for further views on the timing of possible ‘all out elections.”

80 per cent of respondents to the Council’s survey backed a change to all out elections in 2016 from the current system of ‘elections by thirds’.

A further 33 per cent of respondents suggested all out elections could be brought forward to 2015.

The Council is therefore asking residents whether they are in favour of the Council changing to all out elections in 2015 or whether the change should be implemented in 2016.

Residents can have their say online by visiting by writing to the chief executive of the Council.

They can also pick up a form at one of the Council’s One Stop Shops.

These views will then form part of a series of recommendations and options for Councillors to vote on at the next meeting of full Council on Thursday 5th March.

All out elections in 2015 would see all of Bassetlaw District Council’s 48 seats up for election across the district on Thursday 7th May 2015.

This will coincide with the General Election and also move Bassetlaw onto the same elections schedule as every other district and borough Council in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Speaking before the survey was launched last year, Coun Simon Greaves, leader of Bassetlaw Council, said: “At June’s full council meeting all councillors supported in principle a move to all-out elections from 2016.”

“The savings generated could ultimately save jobs and services in the Bassetlaw district.”

“It also would bring the district in line with the rest of Nottinghamshire in having district council elections once every four years.”

“I am in full support of all out elections.”