Baby bunny found dumped next to its dead mother in country park

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The RSPCA is appealing for help after a baby bunny was dumped alongside a dead adult rabbit in woodland at a country park in Nottinghamshire.

A member of the public contacted the animal welfare charity on Saturday, May 20 May after spotting the animals a few metres away from a cardboard box, which had straw bedding in it, in a footpath coming off the main car park at Bestwood Country Park, near Nottingham.

The box had been dumped amongst a patch of nettles. The baby rabbit, thought to be aged around 4 weeks old, was found lying in some straw and the adult rabbit, which appeared to have been dead for around two days, was lying nearby.

RSPCA inspector Rachel Leafe said: “Neither of the rabbits are chipped so we have no way of knowing where they came from. We also don’t know if there were more than two rabbits dumped, as some may have gotten away. I searched the area but have not found any more rabbits, however we can’t rule it out at this stage.

“The adult rabbit, which was female and was likely to be the mother of the baby rabbit, had blood around her mouth and eyes, but no visible injuries. We are keen to find out who dumped them and why. The baby rabbit was probably found just in time, it’s unlikely she would survive on her own so it is lucky that she was found when she was.”

The baby rabbit has been named Woody. She is currently being cared for by Inspector Leafe, until she is old enough to go to a new home.

Anyone with information about who dumped the rabbits should contact the RSPCA’s appeals line in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018, leaving a message for Inspector Leafe.