Awards event at Bircotes Leisure Centre

Bircotes Leisure Centre 3rd Sports Awards
Bircotes Leisure Centre 3rd Sports Awards

More than 200 people attended the third sports awards at Bircotes Leisure Centre.

Prizes of Toys R Us gift vouchers and medals were given out for the awards, while all the children nominated received a certificate.

Rose Marshall was given the Novice Awards for overcoming her fear of water, while Amy Irving won the Improvement Award for overcoming obstacles and quickly going through her badges. The Achievement Award went to Joshua Blackledge, who has shown excellent progress in learning new skills and is always keen and enthusiastic.

Cayla Verity was given the Enthusiasm Award for always being happy, smiling and the first person ready to start.

For working through the Rookie Lifeguard Scheme, Daniel Spencer was given the All-rounder Award, while the Endeavor Award was given to Dylanne Gates for starting from scratch after major surgery.

The Team Award went to the gymnastics team who have had a tough year with a complete change of coaching staff and training sessions.

The final award, the coaching and teaching staff award for commitment to the sport they teach/coach, was given to Ericka Willis.