Award for seven year old Gainsborough boy after suffering stroke before he was born

Jack Lyner and musician and founding member of the band Slade, Dave Hill.
Jack Lyner and musician and founding member of the band Slade, Dave Hill.

A ‘determined’ seven year old Gainsborough boy has been commended, after suffering a stroke before he was born.

Jack Lyner was honoured by the Stroke Association, in recognition of his courage following a stroke.

When Jack was born in 2011, he was subsequently diagnosed with congenital dislocation of the hips at just two days old.

Jack had to wear a full body harness and attend physiotherapy for the next 12 week

However, Jack’s parents and doctors soon began to notice he wasn’t developing at the normal rate, as he was still unable to crawl, sit independently or use his left side.

Tests revealed Jack had suffered a stroke during labour caused by a bleed on the brain.

Since his diagnosis, Jack has had prolonged seizures and has been diagnosed as epileptic.

Now seven years old, Jack struggles to walk some days.

Jack’s mum Stacy, said: “We were shocked and confused with so many mixed emotions when we found out about Jack’s stroke.

“We were asking ourselves, why had this happened to our son?”

“Jack continues to face many challenges with his stroke and Autism too.

“He struggles socially and new surroundings cause him worry and anxiety which we have to take into account wherever we go as a family”

“Jack is a very determined young man.

“He tries so hard to enjoy life to the full, no matter what hurdles are thrown in front of him.

“Jack is a huge sports fan and loves to play disability football, table tennis, cricket and he is also the lucky mascot for his favourite team, Gainsborough Trinity F.C.

“We are extremely proud of our son and all that he has achieved, some days are easier than others but you have to take the rough with the smooth”

With the help of his family, Jack has helped raise thousands of pounds for various charities, including his local hospital, and has taken part in the Stroke Association’s Step Out for Stroke campaign, four years in a row.

Jack was awarded the highly commended ‘life after stroke’ award by musician Dave Hill of Slade, at a special ceremony on Monday February 18 at the Nottingham City Council House.

Jacqui Cuthbert, director for the Stroke Association in Central England, said: “A stroke happens in an instant and often changes lives forever.

“We were thrilled that so many local people were nominated to receive a life after stroke award.

“Our regional event highlights the tremendous courage people like Jack and his parents have shown in rebuilding their lives after a stroke, or in helping others to do the same.”