Armed police swooped on Gainsborough car park after couple were threatened by a man they thought had a gun

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A man was arrested by armed police after mistakenly being accused of producing a gun during a dispute in a car park, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Billy Smith clashed with a couple in the car park of Marshall’s Yard in Gainsborough before returning to his van.

Sarah Phelan, prosecuting, said that Smith took out a golf club and went on to behave in a threatening manner.

He then got back into his van and drove off.

Police were called and Smith was arrested at a petrol station.

Miss Phelan said: “The woman found the incident extremely distressing.

“The defendant was arrested by armed police because of earlier assertions of the presence of a hand gun.”

Later when Smith was interviewed by police he admitted to having a fall out with the couple.

He said he did not know them and added that he did not have either a knife or a gun.

Dash cam footage showed that the weapon Smith took from the van was a golf club which he then held at his side during the incident.

Smith, 21, of Lea Road West, Gainsborough, admitted possession of an offensive weapon as a result of the incident on February 9.

He was given a 12 month community order with 100 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay £250 towards prosecution costs.

David Morton, in mitigation, said: “There was no physical contact.

“They came about half a car length apart before both of them got into their vehicles.

“There is a sense of regret and embarrassment on his part for what took place.

“He is extremely pleasant, polite and respectful.

“He let himself down by taking the weapon and escalating the matter into unlawful behaviour.”