Anti-fracking meeting to be held in Epworth


An anti-fracking meeting is to be held in the Isle next month to explain to residents the potential dangers associated with shale gas extraction.

It has been arranged by an organisation called Frack Free Isle and will take place at the Wesley Memorial Church Hall on Epworth’s High Street on Thursday, October 1, starting at 7pm, when the main speaker will be Gayzer Frackman from Frack Free Lancashire.

“Should fracking take place in the Isle the implications are horrendous.

“There would have to be a huge number of tankers for each frack and the dangers of water and air pollution and public health are beyond belief,” said member Andrew McCloud, who lives in Haxey Lane, Haxey.

“An average well may require up to five-million gallons of clean water over its lifetime – all of which would be permanently polluted.

“In addition, there is the danger of chemicals used in the process escaping into the underground water supplies, upon which this area depends,” he added.

Fracking – hydraulic fracturing – is a technique that involves injecting water, sand and chemicals deep underground to fracture the rock (shale) and release gas or oil.

The battle over fracking reached the Isle after an energy company applied for permission to explore the potential for shale gas.

IGas Limited recently revealed it wants to drill 12 bore holes on land in Misson, close to the boundary with South Yorkshire.

This followed an application to Nottinghamshire County Council for permission to start exploratory tests at the same site which was submitted in May.

The boreholes would be used to determine existing groundwater conditions.

Any bid for hydraulic fracturing at the sites would be subject to separate applications.

Supporters of shale gas say the industry could provide thousands of jobs both on site and in the supply chain.

In February the law was changed so that fracking under people’s homes does not require the owner’s permission and the National Farmers’ Union has a new clause in its commercial insurance to the effect that it will not insure against anything that happens as a result of fracking.

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