Anston: Kids unite to enhance skate park

The young people of Anston wrote down their views in a consultation
The young people of Anston wrote down their views in a consultation

Youngsters from Anston joined the Mayor of Rotherham to offer their views on how the village skate park could be enhanced on Saturday 29th March.

The consultation, which was organised by Anston Parish Council at the Anston pavilion, was also attended by members of Rotherham united community sports Trust and Youth Bus, a scheme that offers mobile youth services.

The children were asked to fill in questionnaires and offer insight into how safe they felt while using the skate park, and what they would like to see if the Council were given a grant to improve the facility.

Coun Judy Dalton, who is leading the project and chairs the council skate park committee, said: “The ideas of young people are very important to the Parish Council, and it is crucial to us that our children have something to do in the village.”

“We called a consultation to find out what our young people thought about the current condition of the skate park, and what they would like to see if any improvements were to be made.”

“Around 40-50 local girls and boys were in attendance, and filled out a questionnaire in the parish hall which we had previously devised.”

“ We had some great suggestions from them and the next step will be to collate the responses.”

“Though we are not yet sure of the correct figures, it could cost around £60,000 to build a new skate park or even upgrade the one we already have.”

“ However, we are keen to start looking for the funding we require from external funding bodies.”

“As we have had a lot of community involvement with the project, we are confident that we can start taking steps to making the skate park the best it can be for the young people of Anston.”

“My little grandson often plays on the skate park with friends, so this project is close to my heart.”

Also on hand to help on the day was Myles Manship, a local volunteer who has formed his own independent committee for the skate park.

He organised activities for the children with Youth Bus and Rotherham united community sports Trust, such as the Speedshot- which measures how hard someone can strike a football.

“We were aiming to have some fun, as well as developing a plan ready to submit for funding,” said Myles.

Chair of Anston Parish Council, Coun John Ireland, said: “As far as we are concerned, things are proceeding.”

“The consultation was a great way to get kids in the area involved and have their voices heard.”

“The object is to give the skate park a boost and create recreational facilities the children of Anston can really be proud of.”