Animal rescue in danger of closing

Guardian News
Guardian News

BABWORTH Animal Rescue Kennels is appealing for local support to help keep its gates open and save hundreds of dogs.

The rescue depends heavily on donations, funding and dogs being adopted out.

It doesn’t not have the resources of other, more well-known, chairities to spend on advertising and is calling out to the community for help to prevent it from shutting.

Darren Shaw, speaking on behalf of BARK, said: “We need money, fund raisers, helpers, bric-a-brac, bedding, cat and dog food, cat litter.”

“There are all sorts of jobs that require help including painters and gardeners, dog walkers - any help is appreciated, every little bit helps.”

For more information on how you can help Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels from closing, visit or call 07787 568566.