Ambulance service asks everyone to take care when soaking up the sun this summer

We have been enjoying some glorious weather in the East Midlands over the last couple of weeks.

But of course, as with any extreme weather, the heat causes an increase in the number of calls we receive.

Combined with the World Cup, our 999 call handlers in the control room, our dispatchers sending out the ambulances, and our ambulance crews out on the road helping patients have been kept very busy.

Therefore, as this sunshine and high temperatures continue, please make sure you do your bit to look after yourself and your loved ones to make sure you don’t have to take a trip to hospital.

While it can be tempting to sunbathe during the hottest part of the day – between 11am and 3pm – please do so safely.

Wear sunglasses, a hat and suncream of at least SPF15 to avoid sunburn.

If you are struggling to stay cool, wear loose-fitting, light clothing and stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

Serious dehydration can be really dangerous – it means your body is losing more fluids than you are drinking, and causes dizziness, confusion and drowsiness.

Listen to your body and if you start experiencing these symptoms, move into the shade and rehydrate.

As the temperatures remain high, make sure you drink plenty of water and other cold drinks.

Avoid consuming excess caffeine, drinks high in sugar and alcohol where possible.

The winters sometimes seem long here in England, and it is a country known for its rainfall.

So it is important to make the most of good weather when we have it.

While emergencies will still happen, and people will still need the ambulance service’s help, taking extra care to stay well in the heat means you will be able to enjoy the sun even longer.