Advice ahead of cold snap

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Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue and public health managers are encouraging people to stay warm and safe if they’re at home or out and about during the cold weather.

With the risk of another period of cold weather and possibly further snow in Lincolnshire this weekend, the following advice has been offered.

Lincolnshire Community Fire Safety manager, Shona Wright, said: “Please take sensible measures in heating your home. Portable appliances that run on petrol or diesel can produce carbon monoxide, so are not suitable for use indoors.

“Portable heaters may seem like a quick fix to the cold but please take care when using them. There have been a number of people in recent years who have tragically lost their lives in Lincolnshire in fires linked to portable heaters.

“Make sure there is plenty of room around them and never be tempted to dry clothes within three metres of them. Your “trusty” heater that you’ve had for 20 years may not be as reliable as you think and we would always recommend you get them checked regularly, stop using them at the first sign of damage and get a carbon monoxide detector.”

Lincolnshire residents are also reminded to take care in case roads or footpaths are icy, and to check on vulnerable neighbours, friends and family when the weather is cold.

Consultant in Public Health at Lincolnshire County Council, Tony McGinty, said: “It’s really important that people keep warm and heat their homes to at least 18 degrees while the weather is cold. Many health conditions can be aggravated by the cold, as well as making heart attacks and strokes more likely.

“However, carbon monoxide poisoning can kill so be careful how you are heating your home. Symptoms to look out for include repeated or severe headaches, flu-like symptoms and tiredness.

“Remember that multiple thinner layers of clothing will be more effective than one big jumper, and if you need to go out, make sure you have good footwear to avoid slips and trips.”

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