Activists should engage brains

Highgate Farm, Highgate lane, Normanby-by-Spital G110712-1b
Highgate Farm, Highgate lane, Normanby-by-Spital G110712-1b

Lawless low lives is the only way to describe the ‘activists’ who fire bombed a local farmer’s home this week.

This news made my blood boil. There’s plenty of things I don’t like in this world but I don’t go around breaking the law, pushing my beliefs onto other people.

What happened at Highgate Farm was an appalling act.

This is the last way any sane group of people, who have a point to make, should go about it.

Any sympathy I had for a few fluffy bunnies went out the window when I read about the human lives that were put in danger.

Who are they to decide what’s cruel and what isn’t when they think this act of criminal damage is acceptable?

No one likes animal testing. No one thinks ‘oh good those animals deserve everything they get with their fluffy smug faces’.

But we don’t all go round setting fire to things to get our own way.

It’s the same beef I have with some vegetarians, like my sister’s new fella. If you don’t like meat that’s fine, don’t eat meat.

But don’t claim it’s because you love cows when you stomp round in leather boots, swigging from a pint of milk.

Just last week he was tucking into a nut-roast while waxing lyrical about animal cruelty and what ‘monsters’ us meat-eaters are.

I pointed out that their new leather sofa wasn’t exactly kind to cattle, that soon shut him up.

People just don’t think these days.

There’s nothing I respect more than individuals who are passionate about a cause.

So often these days the public are apathetic lumps of lard who can’t even get off the sofa to vote.

However, if you’re going to believe in something you have to accept that not everyone is going to agree with you.

Believe me, no one knows this more than me.

But what kind of world would it be if we all went round setting fire to people with different views?

I don’t know what the criminals behind the attack on this farm were after.

All they’ve done is make me feel sympathy for a farmer whose family has been put in danger.

So well done them.