‘A very exciting festival lies ahead’

Gainsborough Riverside Festival 2012. The parade heads along the Riverside G120616-3t
Gainsborough Riverside Festival 2012. The parade heads along the Riverside G120616-3t

HUGE preparations are already underway ahead of next summer’s Riverside Festival - and YOUR ideas are needed to make it bigger and better than ever.

Last month we launched ‘Inspire Gainsborough’ - a new campaign in partnership with the Gainsborough Standard and the town council to give YOU the chance to make a difference in making the town a more vibrant and exciting place to live for everyone.

We asked YOU what you wanted to see from next summer’s Riverside Festival.

Now, after their annual general meeting, the Gainsborough Riverside Festival committee say that while the event is shaping up nicely, they still want your input.

“We are ready and raring to organise yet another successful event,” said committee chairman Tim Davies.

“We are always looking for new members who can bring some new ideas of what they would like to see happen at the festival.”

Next year marks the 1,000 year anniversary of when Dane Sweyn Forkbeard became King of England, and returned to Gainsborough - when the town was temporarily known as the capital of England, Norway and Denmark.

On Christmas Day 1013 Sweyn was declared king of England and, based in Gainsborough, he began to organise his kingdom, before dying here having ruled England for only five weeks.

To mark the occasion, next year’s festival will have a very momentous theme.

“Next year’s theme will tie in with this great piece of history,” said Tim.

“What we’re looking for is a really catchy strapline - something that could describe and sum up what the festival is all about.”

He continued: “With 1,000 years of history to play with and anniversaries and celebrations happening throughout the town, such as the 100th year anniversary of John Coupland Hospital opening, this can only look to be the biggest and best festival that we have ever provided.”

The committee say that they’re raring to go but plans that came up last year are also starting to come to life - but they always need more help and volunteers.

“The festival is only on for one day, but it takes a full 10-12 months to organise this great event,” said Tim.

“On the day, come rain or shine the committee are there at 6am to start the preparations - these volunteers are dedicated to the festival and really help everything to run as smoothly as possible.”

He continued: “No one is paid in their role - they do it simply because they are dedicated to their community and town and want to bring some pride back into the place they call home.”

As well as volunteers, the Riverside Festival is always in need of funding and sponsorship.

Tim went on: “Without grants and sponsorship, this event wouldn’t be possible.”

“Businesses large and small have continued to support and fund us throughout the last 12 years - we would like to express our sincere thanks to them and WLDC and the town council for their contributions.”

Town mayor Lesley Rollings said: “We need to bring people in from miles around, so the festival needs a unique flavour and atmosphere. We’re looking for something dynamic and exciting and we’re open to all kinds of ideas.”

She continued: “People are always thinking up ideas that no one else would have thought of, so now is the time to bring your vision to life.”

Standard Editor Ben Green said: “We are thrilled to be involved in helping bring your thoughts and ideas around the Riverside Festival into fruition.”

“Please support the committee in any way you can with ideas and feedback and let’s make this a festival to remember.”

- For more information, to become a committee member, provide funding or sponsorship or to submit your ideas for a festival strapline, you can call Gary Cooke at Gainsborough Town Council on 01427 811573.

- What do YOU want to see from next year’s festival? Send us your thoughts and ideas to: Gainsborough Festival, Inspire Gainsborough, 5-7 Market Place Gainsborough, DN21 2BP or you can email newsroom@gainsboroughstandard.co.uk.