A Valentine love affair for special pair

Valentine's Day wedding of Gemma Holland and Robert Walker at Worksop Registrar Office (w130214-5d)
Valentine's Day wedding of Gemma Holland and Robert Walker at Worksop Registrar Office (w130214-5d)

From Christmas to Cupid - love was in the air at Worksop Register Office for a special couple who married on Valentine’s Day.

Gemma Holland and Robert Walker, both 26, of Gateford, tied the knot on 14th February - months after Robert proposed on Christmas Day morning.

The couple have since been busy preparing to celebrate their wedding day with family and friends - held at Worksop Register Office on Memorial Avenue.

Gemma said getting married on 14th February was ‘extra special’.

“It’s brought a whole new meaning to Valentine’s Day. Robert always knew how much Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day mean to me and being proposed to and getting married on those days was really special,” she said.

Gemma and Robert were friends for several years before getting together seven years ago.

Said Gemma: “We had spoken about getting married for a while but being proposed to on Christmas Day morning came completely out of the blue.”

“We had opened our Christmas presents and then Robert said he had forgotten one, before getting on one knee to ask me to marry him.”

Family and friends have all pitched in to make sure the couple’s wedding day went without a hitch.

Said Gemma: “It all went very smoothly, considering we only had months to plan. We got a lot of help from people, including my mum.”

“The people are the Register Office were just fantastic and the service was very personal.”

And a further surprise awaited Gemma when they moved on to celebrate their reception at the Station Hotel.

Gemma said: “My brother Simon is in the RAF and we didn’t think he’d make it back in time for the wedding.”

“My dad gave the speech at the reception and said Simon would visit us as soon as he could.”

“ The next thing I knew was he walked in the room - it was fantastic and really made the day.”

The couple are now looking forward to the birth of their first baby in eight weeks.

Gemma said: “We’re planning to go away on our first anniversary on Valentine’s Day next year, all three of us. It will be really special.”

If people would like to book a wedding at Worksop Register Office they should call Notts County Council on 0300 500 80 80.