A ray of sunshine by the riverside

Torksey Tea Rooms G110312-1
Torksey Tea Rooms G110312-1

WE’VE been blessed by wonderful bursts of sunshine and the first day of Spring is drawing ever closer – but wouldn’t it be nice if it could be this lovely all of the time?

Well it turns out it can, if you find just the right place.

As I was leisurely making my way towards Lincoln on a crisp and sunny morning, I found myself passing through the idyllic little village of Torksey and distracted by a flag flying for the Torksey Tea Rooms.

Now, Torksey already already boasts a number of great places to eat and relax, and the nearby Hume Arms is one of the finest pubs in Lincolnshire. I found myself wandering what the chances were of a place the size of Torksey having another fine establishment to eat and unwind in.

Nestling peacefully by the river next to the marina at Torksey Lock, the Torksey Tea Rooms made for the perfect retreat.

With a spacious yet cosy set of rooms, the walls are covered in images of marine life and antiquity as old dolls and nick-nacks bring a soothing old-school charm to the place.

As I sat at my table with an old record player piping out the relaxing sounds of yesterday, the Torksey Tea Rooms felt immediately familiar and comfortable with an unmistakably endearing character.

Just as charming as the surroundings was the service. With a warm welcome and some friendly banter from the waitress and a couple of locals, I was made to feel as if I’d been going there for years – and you know what, I wish I had.

The tea rooms offer an impressive and mouth-watering selection of home-made cakes, pastries and snacks.

Some nearby diners were winding down and watching the world glide away by enjoying a pot of steaming hot tea and a tray of toasted tea cakes. Turns out they’re a local favourite, but I had my mind set of something richer.

I decided to go for a real cappuccino with a piece of chocolate cake.

The coffee was perfect and really perked me up while the chocolate cake was chunky, rich and clearly made with love, care and attention to detail.

A satisfying snack and a tranquil break from the real world for just £2.90. Not bad if you ask me.

Outside the sun beats down on tables, benches and a beautiful marina. Seems to me like this would be the ideal place to escape to for a lingering lunch or summertime escape where time really doens’t matter. I’ll be sat by the river with a coffee watching the world drift by – why don’t you join me?

By Andrew Trendell